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Carbon steel double liquid AB filling drum for special AB di

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Ab dispensing machine is one of the hottest dispensing machines in recent years. Ab dispensing machine can be used for large-area dispensing and small-area dispensing. The accessories of AB dispensing machine are relatively high-end. We can use carbon steel double-liquid AB dispensing barrel. Carbon steel double-liquid AB dispensing barrel is a device for placing glue. We usually use large-scale dispensing machine. Ab filling barrel is used in area filling.
Carbon steel double liquid AB filling drum has many advantages, and now the workmanship is getting better and better. The hardness and strength of carbon steel filling drum is relatively high, so it is more suitable to be used in workshop assembly line production. Carbon steel double-liquid AB filling drum material is relatively high-end, the installation of safety valve is more stable, can withstand greater pressure, the quality inside and outside are very good, the appearance looks beautiful, the inside workmanship is very fine, this ab filling drum is 304 material, polishing is very good, we use steel quality comparison. Well, it's close to super high quality steel.
Product parameters:
Material: carbon steel
Specification: 1 ~ 100L, supporting special customization
Material: Special Carbon Steel Material
Applications: With dispensing machine, it can be used in automobile, mobile phone, medical equipment, LED industry, plastic packaging industry, furniture, electronic instruments and other dispensing, can be applied to special AB dispensing machine.
With the progress and development of science and technology, the products derived from science and technology will be more and more, and the opportunities of application to dispensing machine will be more and more. The development of dispensing machine, along with the manufacturing industry of AB pouring bucket, has also developed rapidly. The manufacturing technology of AB pouring bucket has also been developed rapidly, and the materials used will be higher and higher. End, can place more and more types of glue, AB filling bucket performance will be more and more perfect.
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