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Flat Covered Pressure Barrel Made of Various Specifications

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Now in the dispensing industry, the demand for dispensing is getting higher and higher, so accessories are becoming more and more high-end, such as the configuration of pressure barrels is becoming more and more advanced. We offer flat-cover pressure barrels of various specifications in our medium-sized system, which are also made of carbon steel. Let's learn about the performance of flat-cover pressure barrels.
压力桶 Preliminary Understanding of Flat Cover Pressure Barrel:
Our flat-cover pressure barrel is made of stainless steel and carbon steel. It has the characteristics of long service life and corrosion resistance. Mainly used for filling paint, glue, etc., with sealing performance, so that the solvent does not volatilize. Buyers have more and more requirements for the specifications of flat-cover pressure barrels. We have many specifications of pressure barrels to choose from. The specifications of 1L~60L can be produced and customized according to the requirements. We also provide flange pressure barrels. Flange pressure barrels are also a kind of flat-cover pressure barrels. The specifications of flange pressure barrels are also available. The volume is very large. It can reach 60L and 80L. There are also 100L specifications. Flange pressure barrels need to be customized in advance. Carbon steel pressure barrel is mainly at the bottom and the top, small capacity such as 2600 ml pressure barrel, the glue way is at the bottom, more than 1L capacity pressure barrel, the glue way is at the top.
Functions and characteristics of flat cover pressure barrel made of carbon steel:
The flat cover pressure barrel made of carbon steel has high hardness, high strength, durability and long service life. The coating is placed in the pressure barrel and will not precipitate. The flat cover pressure barrel can save a lot of labor costs, save a lot of time in continuous production, directly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs to a large extent. It can also save solvents such as paint, the concentration of paint can be adjusted arbitrarily, and high concentration of paint can be sprayed when spraying paint. The cleaning of this pressure barrel is more convenient. The flat-cover pressure barrel has a very good design, strong sealing, and the bottom of the barrel is also equipped with mobile wheels. If it is to be moved, it will be more convenient.
Areas of application:
 碳钢压力桶 Flat-cover pressure drums are mainly used in workshop production. They can be filled with many kinds of coatings, such as ink, paint, high-concentration glue, etc. They are generally used in chemical industry, semiconductor industry, shoe spray paint and so on.
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