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Flanged Pressure Barrel Made of Carbon Steel

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Flat cover pressure barrel acts as a type of carbon steel pressure barrel. It also has many characteristics. It belongs to a very simple pressure barrel. It has different performance from the commonly used flange pressure barrel and liquid level display pressure barrel. What glue type is used in the manufacturing process of flange pressure barrel? Xiaobian analysis for you.
Fittings for Flat Cover Pressure Barrel
碳钢压力桶 This flat cover pressure barrel is a very simple type. It is similar to flange pressure barrel. It is different from liquid level display pressure barrel. It does not have such complicated functions. Flat cover pressure barrel only has simple basic accessories, such as sealing ring, pressure regulating valve, safety valve, 2-minute internal and external teeth ball valve, 2-minute*8 material joint, ideal joint and so on. Other types of accessories, production is relatively simple, production costs are not liquid level display pressure barrel expensive, similar to the flange pressure barrel.
Selection of glue extraction method according to concentration
法兰式压力桶 Flanged pressure drums can use glue types, including low, medium and high, but its way of glue production can be changed, but we need to tell us in the early stage, otherwise the flat-cover pressure drums produced will not meet the production requirements, the way of glue production is two, depending on the viscosity, such as medium and high viscosity glue flow is relatively high, generally using the bottom. The glue outlet mode, while the low viscosity glue uses the upper glue outlet mode, which can control the flow rate of the glue outlet. This is different from the flange pressure barrel and the liquid level display pressure barrel. They basically use the low-level glue discharge method, so we should distinguish the requirements of the use of carbon rigid pressure barrel.
Flanged pressure barrel
法兰式压力桶 We can specially produce non-standard pressure barrels for you. Generally, the production lift of flanged pressure barrels is 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, etc. Other specifications need to be customized. If you need stainless steel pressure barrels, you can call the hotline 13662812001.
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