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Continuous supply of AB glue filling pressure barrel

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Dual-component AB glue is a commonly used adhesive in many industrial production. In addition to strictly adjusting the proportion of AB glue, the relevant glue supply accessories are also very important. Pressure barrel is mainly used to store a variety of glue containers. Pressure-driven method is used to extrude glue. The storage volume is large and the operation is simple. Here is the introduction of the most suitable pressure for use of point AB glue by automation of neutralization. Barrels of force.
AB Pouring Glue
Storable multi-ratio glue AB filling bucket
Users can store AB filling barrels with various mixing ratios. The barrel body is made of high hardness stainless steel. The barrel body is corrosion resistant and impact resistant for a long time. The barrel body size can be customized at will. The pressure regulating valve at the top can adjust the pressure to influence the feeding speed. The mixer can be used to store and mix AB rubber, so that it can be used in the best filling effect of products and support the more stable installation of mufflers. AB glue with low noise can be used for long-term dispensing and gluing work with uniform and large amount of glue. AB glue is a popular glue supply accessories in many pressure barrels.
Diagram of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Application and Operation Effect of AB Irrigation Barrel
After the installation of AB filling barrel, AB glue can be put on the semi-finished product normally. The prepared AB glue is poured into the barrel, and the pressure is gradually adjusted from small to large to make it suitable for semi-finished product production. This is the reason to prevent the barrel body life from being affected when AB glue is put into production for a long time while reducing the period of adding glue. The consistency and stability of production are improved, and the pressure is increased. The good sealing of the barrel body and the mixing device make the glue not precipitate for a long time and affect the dispensing effect. It also supports a variety of adhesives to finish dispensing, so it has more comprehensive and stronger applicability.
Stainless Steel Rubber Pressure Barrel
In addition to the special AB pouring drums for AB glue, there are also many pressure drums suitable for the production of more different fluid glue, aiming to provide more customers with stable and high-quality services.
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