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Horizontal filling bucket for large capacity glue storage

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When filling electronic parts with glue, pressure barrel can be used as glue storage accessories, which provides glue for a long time for glue filling production. This paper introduces horizontal glue filling barrel, which is mainly used for large capacity glue storage. This pressure barrel can connect manual glue dispensing equipment and automatic glue dispensing equipment to assist in completing diversified glue filling.
Horizontal filling drum properties
Barrel body: anodized 304 stainless steel
Stirring Valve: Electric Stirring Valve
Barrel Cover: Stainless Steel Barrel Cover
Power supply voltage: 220V
Air source: 1-8 MPa
Supporting glue: silica gel, sealant, thermal conductive glue, three-proof glue, glass glue, AB glue, filling glue, silica gel and other packaging silicone glue.
Other configurations: pressure regulating valve, barometer, exhaust valve, inlet and outlet valve, safety valve, mixing blade, barrel cover, electric motor, heating package, stainless steel barrel cover.
Voltage Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Characteristics of Horizontal Irrigation Bucket
1. Supporting two-component glue dispensing
2. Stainless steel barrel cover has longer durability and longer service life.
3. The barometer detects the barometric pressure of the filling barrel, which is safe and adjustable.
4. Regular replacement of safety valve
5. Cooperative use of joint dispensing valves
6. The motor mixing compound is more uniform
7. Supporting the storage and filling of various viscous fluids
Sealing point glue supply
Horizontal filling drums support customization of pressure drums of various sizes and volumes. They are suitable for a variety of production, such as electronic filling, wood furniture painting, SMT packaging, filling and repair, etc. with high demand. The manufacturer of customized pressure drums is supported by the automation of manufacturing process to meet more demands.
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