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Main Storage Pressure Barrel Made of Small Stainless Steel

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Nowadays dispensing has become an indispensable and important technology in the manufacturing industry, which has led to a variety of accessories for rubber supply or storage. The stainless steel storage barrel introduced in this paper is mainly used as a storage glue supply, with the characteristics of sustained and stable glue supply and guaranteeing glue storage of different properties. This paper will briefly introduce that this dispensing industry belongs to the mainstream. Pressure barrel of product.
Stainless steel storage barrel
Basic Properties of Stainless Steel Storage Bucket
Material: 304 stainless steel
Air source: 2-7 KGF
Customization: Customizable Processing
Maximum pressure: 8KG
Barrel cover thickness: 12-16 mm
Stirring mode: power driven blade stirring glue
Stable Tool: Stainless Steel Coupling Stable Seal
Special note: high viscosity gum bottom outflow, low viscosity gum upper outflow
Accessories: muffler, pressure barrel pressure regulating valve, safety valve, outlet, intake, ball valve
Appearance of Stainless Steel Storage Bucket
The stainless steel storage barrel under the medium-sized flag can be customized with many specifications, excellent workmanship, clear visibility, high weldability, no stomatal trachoma and other defects. It can support the inner barrel to place storage materials to make its application more diversified. It can be used to store medium-high viscosity fluids or paints. The stainless steel material can prevent the erosion of storage materials and has strong impact resistance. This stainless steel storage barrel can be used to connect small ones. The manual glue feeding of the controller can also connect the automatic glue dispensing machine to complete the high-yield glue dispensing production. The stable supply of the storage barrel has no impact on the glue shortage problem, which guarantees the continuity of continuous production. It is a practical and cost-effective pressure barrel.
Storage Bucket Assembly Products
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