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Stainless steel stirring barrel for continuous control of ru

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If users want to finish long-term continuous dispensing, the relevant loading accessories are relatively important. Stainless steel stirring pressure barrel is representative of many dispensing pressure barrels. This kind of rubber storage barrel belongs to pneumatic pressure barrel, which can be operated quickly without too much preparation. It is superior in terms of continuous glue supply effect or service life, especially in terms of quality and execution effect when used on board dispensing machine. Increasing the rate has a positive effect.
Stainless steel dispensing stirring barrel
Introduction of parameters
Type: dispensing barrel drive mode: pneumatic drive
Stirring power source: pneumatic motor driving horsepower: 1/4 HP
Stirring blade: plastic/stainless steel/aluminium cylinder number: 3
Applicable glue: medium and high concentration fluid glue, silica gel, yellow glue, grease, etc.
Piston Material Selection: Nylon Piston, Aluminum Piston
Various sizes, forms and materials can be customized
Stirring vane motor
Brief description of the characteristics of rubber supply tools
Stainless steel stirring pressure barrel can be used for storage and glue supply of various liquid fluids. The reason why it is called stainless steel stirring pressure barrel is that it has built-in stirring pneumatic motor. This is the characteristic of most pneumatic pressure barrels. It can continuously stir and drive when glue is supplied to prevent delamination and non-uniform glue viscosity. The inner wall can withstand most of corrosive glue after finishing treatment, and the glue output is even more Fluent and low error, low viscosity glue in pneumatic pressure barrel storage is supplied from the top driven by air pressure. High viscosity glue in point needs glue dispensing at the bottom of pressure barrel. Special customization is needed to support the use.
Standard pressure barrel
Stainless steel stirring barrel can be connected, and semi-automatic dispensing can be accomplished with controller. Specifically, it can be selected and customized according to the user's production needs. Moderate automation can customize a variety of dispensing barrels, including pneumatic pressure barrels.
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