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Manufacturer Customization of Multi-specification Pressure B

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Paint pressure drum is a device connected with dispensing machine to store glue volume. It can be used to store various kinds of fluid glue and supply glue through pneumatic drive. Many glue dispensing glue, including epoxy glue, can be selected, such as 502 dispensing glue, black glue dispensing glue, etc. can be used for pressure drum storage and glue supply. It is suitable for use in precision demand production line, such as buzzer dispensing glue, and can be further applied. Solving the problem of uneven glue coating has become an accessory to ensure the stability and quality of glue coating.
Stainless steel coating pressure drum
Characteristics of Paint Pressure Barrel
Rubber outlet: bottom or top material: 201 stainless steel/304 stainless steel
Barrel cover thickness: 12mm pressure: 0.8MPa
Applicable industries: chip packaging, buzzer dispensing and other heating methods: heating package heating
Specification: 4L 5L 8L 10L 20L multi-non-standard customization
Brief Analysis of Pressure Barrel Function
The glue outlet mode of paint pressure barrel is customized according to the size of glue viscosity. If 502 glue with medium and low viscosity is directly driven by air pressure from the top connected rubber feeding pipe, the glue with high viscosity should be discharged from the flat bottom side or flat bottom of the paint pressure barrel. Specifically, the glue outlet mode should be selected according to the viscosity of the glue, otherwise the glue outlet will be affected when it is applied. Non-uniform glue, 502-point glue is applicable, which means that most of the glue can be used for storage dispensing.
The non-uniformity of product gluing is related to the function of pressure barrel. The built-in stirring blade of paint pressure barrel can be used to deal with the properties and effects of glue. The mixing effect of glue is treated uniformly and completely, and the control of the mixing ratio is effective and practical.
To meet the needs of buzzer dispensing
A large number of buzzer dispensing mainly provides a stable and sustained glue supply effect. The volume of buzzer is generally small. The use of 502 dispensing with lower viscosity should also control the amount of glue and the precision of glue dispensing to avoid the quality problems caused by uneven glue coating. The pressure barrel of paint has heating function, heating glue to a certain strength for bonding and sealing, so as to improve the application effect of paint.
Overall Separation of Paint Barrel
Neutral Automation provides multi-specifications of paint pressure barrels for users to choose from. Call 13928403389 if necessary.
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