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Making First-hand Supply in Specification of 5-liter Pressur

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The main stream of rubber storage pressure barrels is divided into 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters, 50 liters and other customizations according to the different volumes of specifications. Among them, 5 liters pressure barrels are in great demand in the industry. The medium-sized pressure barrels provide diversified 5 liters volume for users to make more diversified choices, including carbon steel heating pressure barrels and clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrels, and so on. The premise of industry versatility is more important. Comprehensive industry storage and glue supply, unique automatic mixing glue function can be used for high demand precision electronic relay dispensing production line to provide quality, in the formulation of plate-making 5 liter pressure barrel to provide a more stable and uniform guaranteed production line requiring continuous strong glue.
Stainless steel pressure drums of various specifications and types
5-liter pressure barrel is versatile
According to the different specifications and sizes of the application industry, it can be directly explained that large volume pressure barrels such as 50 liters are mainly used for gluing in heavy industry pipeline manufacturing, and small size pressure barrel connection controllers such as 1 or 2 liters can complete manual gluing production with smaller requirements. The reason why 5 liters pressure barrels are suitable for most production lines is due to the moderate specifications and the stable continuous gluing supply, especially 5 liters pressure barrels. Lift clamp type stainless steel pressure barrel has strong application effect. It is mainly used for assembling in automatic dispensing equipment to complete continuous and stable glue supply production. The built-in blade can automatically mix glue to prevent glue from being used for too long and layered to reduce its properties. It provides more real conditions and effects for large amount of strong glue to be coated. The specifications of 5-liter pressure barrel meet the requirements of small electronic glue rel point. Glue links.
Matching of dispensing pressure barrel device
Quality of relay dispensing
The main stream of dispensing for small components such as electronic relays is controlled by automatic dispensing equipment. Most of them need to be coated with strong glue and avoid the influence of uneven glue layers. The blades inside stainless steel pressure barrel are used to automatically mix glue to ensure uniform and stable bonding quality. The 5-liter pressure barrel specifications are suitable for wide application and the rel needs good stability and uniformity when dispensing glue. Glue flow is supplied by 5-liter clamp type stainless steel pressure barrel. External clamp is used to prevent the impact of external impact when glue is supplied. It is a component part to ensure the stability of glue coating.
Electronics Relay Coating Point Glue
The 5-liter pressure barrel provided by the neutral system includes stainless steel and carbon steel. It guarantees the uniformity and integrity of glue storage by powerful automatic mixing glue. Users can call the hotline for details if they need to know.
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