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Is the price of automatic pressure barrel of carbon steel ex

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If the purchasers need to choose the accessories for the dispensing machine, it should be the first choice for the adhesive parts suitable for their own glue production, high quality and cheap price. So when we choose the pressure bucket used by the glue machine, we must know whether the pressure bucket of your choice is good or not. If we need to use the automatic pressure barrel of carbon steel, how can we know whether the pressure bucket and other pressure barrels are too expensive than the other pressure barrels.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
If we want to solve this problem, we must investigate the price of other pressure barrels. Because the pressure bucket is not only a carbon steel automatic pressure bucket, but also can be divided into metal barrel and plastic bucket according to the different manufacturing materials, and the metal barrel can also be divided into stainless steel pressure bucket and carbon steel pressure bucket.
Plastic pressure bucket
The plastic bucket, as the name suggests, is made of plastic pressure barrel, so the price of the pressure barrel is much cheaper than that of the carbon steel pressure bucket. But because the plastic material is used, the glue range it uses is much narrower than the ordinary metal barrel. But the maintenance of the plastic pressure bucket is also simpler than the ordinary metal barrel.
In the metal barrel, if the stainless steel and carbon steel are to be compared, it is necessary to make a comprehensive comparison. Because stainless steel pressure pail is more abundant, it is suitable for most glue production, and it can extend the service life of dispenser, so it is widely used in dispensing equipment.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
Carbon steel pressure pail is highly fireproof and high temperature resistant, and it also has the ability of not heating when dispensing. It is suitable for continuous work for a long time. But this pressure bucket also has its own shortcomings. For example, if we can't pour directly into the colloid, we must use glue buckets or stainless steel buckets to store materials.
If the price is compared, the results of different stainless steel and carbon steel are different. Therefore, no comparison can be made. If the price of carbon steel is still higher, the price of carbon steel pressure barrel is relatively more expensive.
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