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Recommended Stainless Steel Electric Stirring Heating Pressu

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The function of pressure barrel is the carrier used to store solution or rubber. Some pressure barrels have heating function to control glue, which is also called heating pressure barrel. The automatic dispensing equipment with heating pressure barrel is also called pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine by users. Compared with ordinary rubber barrel, the pressure barrel has large quantity of material and strong stability, which can meet the needs of glove dispensing and charger glue filling. Continuous supply of warm rubber.
Stainless steel heating pressure barrel
Functional Properties of Heating Pressure Barrel
Product Name: Heating Pressure Barrel Model: ZZ-231
Precision of vomiting volume: 3ml heating function: constant temperature control heating of heating package
Selection function: electric stirring function, pneumatic stirring function glue stirring: electric screw blade stirring
Accessories: pressure regulating valves, pressure gauges, exhaust valves, safety valves, discharge outlets, locking rings and nuts
Whether Customization is Supported: Customizable
Installation instructions: can be mounted dispensing valve manual operation or installed into pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine
Applicable Fluids: Paint, Glue, High Temperature Glue, Gasoline, Alcohol, Damping Oil, Butter, etc.
Applicable industry: complete glove dispensing or charger filling and other industries with large demand
Thickened inner wall of stainless steel barrel body
Glue Heating Function of Control Auxiliary Equipment
The heating pressure barrel with the function of constant temperature control heating has strong applicability and comprehensiveness. It is suitable for coating and spraying with the temperature glue quantity required for glove dispensing or charger filling. The special pressure barrel mounted on the pressure barrel automatic dispensing machine has strong stability in controlling the glue quantity. The external heating package treats the temperature intensity of glue by heating the barrel body. The bottom blade is used to mix glue for a long time. Static layering affects the viscosity and strength. Heating pressure barrel can be used to improve the stability of rubber feeding. The execution efficiency and output of automatic dispensing machine with heating function can be guaranteed together, so that the glue quantity control effect of glove dispensing and charger filling is good.
Introduction to the function of dispensing pressure barrel
The heating pressure barrel recommended by the manufacturer is more practical and affordable than the same type of rubber storage barrel in industry application
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