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2600 ml carbon steel silicone pressure barrel can be customi

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2600ML carbon steel silicone pressure barrel mainly stores fluid silica gel with various characteristics for sealing dispensing, such as electronic encapsulation silica gel, coated silica gel, high temperature silica gel, etc. The storage application of high viscosity silica gel mainly chooses the stable and uniform supply of this pressure barrel, and controls the pressure barrel of high viscosity fluids by bottom gumming. It is suitable for CPU coated silica gel, silica gel coated graphics card and other industries. It is used in uninterrupted feeding coating.
Pressure Barrel for Storage of Silica Gel 2600ml
Specification and parameter specification
Product Name: Silica Gel Pressure Barrel Specification: 2600ml
Applicable Fluids: Silica Volume of Various High Viscosity Fluids including Coated Silica Gel: 350MM*250MM*800MM
Machine power: 40W frequency: 600 times per minute
Main accessories: intake port, extension rod, barometer, pressure regulating valve, exhaust valve, muffler valve, rubber outlet
Industry application: CPU coated with silica gel, silica gel coated graphics cards and other industries need to coat with silica gel
Monolithic silicone pressure bucket
Product Function Description
Adjustable, corrosion-resistant, high precision and wide application are the characteristics of silicone pressure barrel. The built-in diaphragm is durable and easy to remove and clean. It can be applied to most of the coating point glue. It is mainly processed by electronic sealing silicone, coated silicone, high temperature silicone gel, sealing silicone grease, heat dissipation paste, silicone oil and other point glue coating. Before each use, three locking hanging masters should be determined. Suitable degree. Pull the switch of the exhaust valve down and connect the air source to inflate. The content of silica gel in the pressure barrel should not exceed 80% of the total volume capacity. The application value of CPU coated with silica gel or graphics card coated with silica gel can be improved by the advantages of quick breaking of the gel and so on.
Silica Gel Pressure Barrel Assembly
The control precision of the silica gel pressure drum mounted with the backdraft type large flow silica gel dispensing valve is stable and the scope of application is more comprehensive. Manual control of the gel valve or foot pedal can be selected to drive the fluid silica gel in the pressure drum. The ergonomic design concept has a good application effect on improving the operation response.
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