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Direct Pin of 1L/2L Conventional Stainless Steel Filling Pre

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At present, the main types of pressure barrels are carbon steel or stainless steel. The pressure barrel introduced in this paper belongs to stainless steel material, which is relatively strong, durable and compatible. The function of adding glue heating package is to better adjust the temperature properties of the built-in fluid glue. The complete, uniform and fast feeding material can meet the large flow demand of glue filling for a variety of products. It is used in the mainstream industries such as wood-based panel coating, motor coating, reverse mirror coating to meet the production requirements of high efficiency and so on.
Stainless steel pouring pressure barrel
Pressure Barrel Introduction
Product Name: Size of filling pressure barrel: 1L/2L/5L/10L, etc.
Product Usage: Filling Flow Supply Material: Anodized Stainless Steel
Gum-out mode: high viscosity bottom gum-out, low viscosity top gum-out
Additional accessories: pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, exhaust valve, safety valve, outlet port, glue heating package
Industry applications: wood-based panel coating, motor coating, reverse mirror coating, etc.
1L and 2L stainless steel pouring pressure barrels
Introduction of Characteristics
At present, the mainstream filling pressure barrel in our company has diversified specifications, complete specifications, good quality and more affordable direct selling price. Anodized stainless steel is used as raw material for barrel body, which is durable and durable. By strengthening the flange of barrel body, placing seal ring and locking with ring screw, the design achieves a good sealing effect. The attached glue heating bag adjusts the flow state of glue better and more suitable for use. It can be used for precision bonding, durable pressure barrels and seals, and easy to operate. It is suitable for users to finish the application and production of wood-based panels, motors and backup mirrors.
Sheet gluing
Brief Introduction to Operation Process of Pressure Barrel
Firstly, the exhaust valve of the glue-filling pressure barrel is opened, the hanging ring nut is reversed counterclockwise, the screw nut is pulled open after adjustment and relaxation, and the liquid glue-filling fluid is poured into the barrel by opening the stainless steel barrel cover. The standard is no more than three-quarters. After the cover is covered, the lock nut is tightened diagonally with the hand to avoid the lid loosening, the exhaust valve is closed and the pressure is applied, and the discharge switch is opened for irrigation. Rubber feeding should be operated in the order of closing the intake valve and opening the exhaust valve after operation. The activity of the fluid can be adjusted by heating the external glue heating package to achieve the flow state suitable for glue filling.
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