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Stamping Forming of Non-standard High Pressure Rubber Storag

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The application of dispensing pressure barrel has been playing an important role in batch manufacturing. This paper recommends a medium-sized press-formed rubber storage barrel for long-term fluid supply to complete viscose bonding and other applications. It is suitable for stable storage and supply of many special rubber materials. There are two different types of non-standard models for dispensing. In this way, if it is necessary to store medium and low viscous fluids through the top gumming mode, if it is necessary to store high viscous fluids through the bottom output, because carbon steel has good processing performance and heat treatment effect can be customized as non-standard for different functions, non-standard carbon steel storage barrels are suitable for wood viscose and ceramic bonding and other needs. Seek the industry with large capacity, wide application of glue, continuous supply and bonding.
Carbon steel dispensing barrel
The characteristics of rubber storage drum are introduced.
The standard carbon steel rubber storage barrel cover has four two-part dental grooves, which can be used to install air pressure safety valve, air pressure regulating valve, glue outlet and pressure relief device. The function of this storage barrel is to place a variety of fluid adhesives and apply them to material coating. The glue volume can be controlled by adjusting the pressure of the air pressure valve to drive the glue to move. The effect of the system is reasonable and soldered firmly. It can withstand high and stable pressure. The whole application of glue supply is air-tight and corrosion-resistant. It also has the advantages of easy cleaning, beautiful appearance and other applications. It has higher industry quality assurance. It is suitable for the production of glue supply links with more glue coverage for wood glue or ceramic glue. The method of use is to put the rubber bag into or put the rubber storage inner barrel into and install the feeding tube instead of pouring the rubber directly into the barrel.
Carbon steel rubber drum
Installation instructions for storage drums
In order to ensure that it can be applied to the control of glue with large dosage, such as wood viscose or ceramic bonding, operators should initially understand the process of installing glue storage barrel when adjusting. The bottom end of the barrel cover should check whether the rubber sealing ring is damaged or the seal is not correct. The pressure relief valve, pressure regulating valve, glue outlet and relief packing should be checked. Install pressure regulating valves for regulating air pressure one by one according to the standard installation process. The triangle should be installed downward. The muffler valve should be installed at the top of the exhaust valve to reduce the noise when exhausting. The rubber hose should be inserted into the outlet of glue water and connected to the bottom of the barrel. The air tightness should be checked before the installation of the pressure relief valve. The air pressure should be properly derived from the air pressure valve.
Top Cover Assembly Fittings
The specifications of non-standard carbon steel rubber storage drums are diversified, which results in high efficiency and good quality in different industries. It is a kind of rubber storage device to improve the supply of good product rate.
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