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Advantages of Painting Pressure Barrel

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In fact, it is more professional to use spray paint pressure barrel, and it is more professional to use customized products. For example, the bottom of pressure barrel can be moved freely with four movable wheels. Similar requirements are lower than those of pressure barrel factory.
Stainless steel spray pressure barrel
Is the pressure drum good for painting?
In fact, for pressure barrel, its main function is to accommodate liquid. Whether it contains glue or paint is not a problem. The question is, what is the advantage of using special spray pressure barrel?
There are still the following advantages:
1. Paint delivery is stable, no pump pulsation, so continuous spraying should be consistent color.
Multi-specification spray paint pressure barrel
2. According to the amount of paint used during operation, there is a 10L-80L selective capacity to reduce the number of coatings, shorten the working time and improve efficiency.
3. There are only two types of pneumatic stirring and manual stirring to prevent paint color precipitation.
OBJECTIVE To apply to paint spraying, baking paint, leather, wood products, rattan products, mould carving and other surface spraying and conveying coatings, as well as to convey enamel uranium, chemical liquids, adhesives, food and electronic ingredients.
Composite Painting Device
Painting Pressure Barrel Effect?
What is the effect of spray paint pressure barrel? On the one hand, it depends on the design capability of the factory; on the other hand, it also needs the cooperation of the manufacturer. It is necessary to communicate fully and timely before the design. Users must inform the manufacturer of their own design requirements and specific application scenarios in detail.
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