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Plastic steel pressure barrel, a new type of pressure barrel

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According to the name of plastic steel pressure barrel, it can be deduced that this is a carbon steel pressure barrel with plastic shell added. This not only ensures the pressure strength in the pressure barrel, but also avoids the hidden danger of the explosion of the pressure barrel and improves the safety of the pressure barrel. In addition, "plastic steel pressure barrel" overcomes the aesthetic defect of carbon steel pressure barrel by adding plastic shell on the outer layer of carbon steel. It can be said that the appearance of plastic steel pressure barrel is a technical progress, which combines the advantages of plastic steel pressure barrel and carbon steel pressure barrel.
Plastic steel coated rubber pressure barrel
Features of plastic steel pressure barrel: it not only inherits the advantages of carbon steel pressure barrel, but also has the advantages of plastic steel pressure barrel, which meets the needs of consumers for pressure barrel and solves the problem of consumers' tangled purchase of pressure barrel. The plastic steel pressure barrel has the common characteristics of plastic steel and carbon steel, with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life. It will not rust like carbon steel pressure barrel, explode like plastic steel pressure barrel, and have no peculiar smell. It will always meet the needs of customers and protect their consumption rights and interests.
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