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Stainless steel dispensing liquid pressure barrel

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The liquid material pressure barrel is the standard type of stainless steel pressure barrel, which can meet the feeding function of low viscosity glue. Adopting the top glue discharging mode can ensure that there is no air pressure inside the glue, the glue dispensing is smooth, not blocked, the glue flow is full, and it is not easy to have the problem of uneven glue. A pressure barrel is very helpful for the glue dispensing technology, which can continuously supply glue and improve the dispensing speed.
  The pressure bucket made of stainless steel has low requirements for glue type, and can be stored if there is corrosion or alkaline glue. Stainless steel has good protection. There is no problem after two or three years of use. At most, some accessories need to be replaced, such as sealing ring, pressure valve and safety valve. The service life of these accessories may not be so long. In order to have more Good use experience.
  There are many specifications of liquid pressure barrels, which can be customized or modified non-standard. Because the pressure barrels produced by our factory are all made according to the order, and there is no ready-made product, so as long as you need, they can be operated. However, the modified pressure barrels need the size. Give us the size, you can make what kind of stainless steel pressure barrels. This is a mature factory Home technology.


  1. After the inner wall of the pressure barrel is made according to the international standard, the thickness reaches 12mm.
  2. It is highly airtight, and each accessory is specially configured to be airtight.
  3. There are three fixing buttons, which can firmly fix the end.
  4. The accessories are complete, including ball valve, safety valve, silencer, air pipe joint * 2 and material pipe joint.
  The liquid material pressure barrel can be used separately with manual dispensing valve or with automatic dispensing machine. There are still many ways to use it. You can select the appropriate machine according to the manufacturer's own 
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