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Seal ring of stainless steel pressure barrel

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The sealing ring of pressure barrel is a crucial accessory. Whether it can play the role of sealing ring completely depends on whether it can play the role of sealing ring. The sealing ring of stainless steel pressure barrel produced in China is made of silicone injection molded rubber tube, which has softness. Each specification is customized to install the size of pressure barrel, which can play a good sealing effect.
  The sealing ring is placed on the cover of the pressure barrel, which just matches the stainless steel inner barrel. Then it is fastened with three buttons to make the inner part of the liquid pressure barrel completely sealed. Unless the air pressure is introduced into the pressure valve, the inner air is completely sealed. Some liquid pressure barrels can make the top glue. For this reason, the pressure barrel can go out of the top glue, mainly because of this. If the glue is stuck The degree is too high, you can use the bottom of the glue, there is a way of glue, the top of the glue, the side of the glue and the bottom of the glue.
  The wall thickness of the stainless steel inner barrel is 12mm, which is manufactured according to the national standard. The pressure input of 10kg is completely free of pressure, and all of them are made of real materials. It is very simple that a liquid pressure barrel can be used for three to five years. Why do we say that the price of the pressure barrel is expensive, all of the real materials are international standards? Our pressure barrel is sold in Southeast Asia, and the price ratio The price of general manufacturers is dozens of yuan, and the price determines the quality.
  The price of pressure barrel seal ring is also very much, expensive and cheap. Some of them will break in a few days. What is the function of this seal ring? The price is higher, and the service life is longer. It doesn't need to change accessories frequently. It's the same with the stainless steel inner barrel. There are plastic ones and 201 stainless steel ones. The cost is low, and the price is certainly low. Although they are all stainless steel, the quality is not as high as 304 at all.
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