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Wholesale sale of stainless steel pressure barrel and inner

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There are all kinds of stainless steel pressure barrels and inner barrels produced in China. The original barrels of a large number of manufacturers are available for sale. The specifications range from 1 to 100 L, and the types are also very large. There are electric, bottom rubber, flange, piston type, clamp, etc. the barrel materials are all made of 304 stainless steel materials. The standards are mainly international standards, which can be sold abroad. There are many specifications of stainless steel inner barrels, which are 4 / 5 / 8, etc. materials It's 201 stainless steel.
Stainless steel inner barrel
  In fact, there are very few wholesale manufacturers. Many of them are suppliers on the Internet. Because they need to use large machines to produce stainless steel pressure barrels, many manufacturers choose the purchase method to save costs, and then sell them. Moreover, our Chinese system starts to develop from pressure barrels and gradually spreads to dispensing equipment. We are specialized in dispensing accessories and dispensing equipment Manufacturers, some small accessories do not do, such as: pressure bucket seal ring, muffler, ball valve and other accessories.
Stainless steel inner barrel
  Liquid material pressure barrel is our main product of stainless steel pressure barrel. It is used for the storage of glue with high fluidity, which can prevent the problem of bubbles in the glue. The seal ring of pressure barrel is made by a good manufacturer. It is made of silica gel material, which has good sealing performance. Stainless steel inner barrel is made according to the size of pressure barrel. If you want to achieve better gluing effect, you can't do without it Product quality.
  The stainless steel inner barrel can be sold by our Chinese manufacturer, the price is negotiable, and the delivery speed is fast. Welcome to come.
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