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Pressure barrel manufacturing is a complex process. At present, few manufacturers are able to make their own production, and the products of individual pressure barrel manufacturers are taken over for sale, with lower cost requirements, more in line with the needs of existing manufacturers. Suppliers disguise themselves as manufacturers. To find real pressure barrel manufacturers, you can save more costs. Of course, your company has quantity requirements for pressure barrel quantity, and the price is only It will be lower. In Dongguan area, there is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing pressure barrels, called Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment.
Pressure barrel manufacturing
  Dongguan Chinese made automatic equipment manufacturer's pressure barrel manufacturing includes: manual mixing pressure barrel, paint pressure barrel, carbon steel pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrel, etc., more than 20 kinds of pressure barrels are produced, both conventional and non-standard can be produced, non-standard needs two-dimensional dimension drawing, standard needs the number of liters, each pressure barrel is produced under an order, and now it's just done.
  Manual mixing pressure bucket is to use manual rotation for glue mixing, which is the same as the electric one. It is to prevent the glue from settling and the quality of glue changes. According to the above results, the problem of glue settling can be solved. The characteristics of manual mixing pressure bucket are cost control and convenience. Mixing once a period of time requires mixing from time to time, which is also calculated and compared Simple.
Pressure barrel manufacturing
  The paint pressure barrel is made of stainless steel or carbon steel, which can be equipped with inner barrel. The inner barrel is easy to clean, and it is made of 201 stainless steel. It is light, easy to pick up and easy to use. The paint needs to be soaked and cleaned after use. If the cost of using the paint pressure barrel is too high, it is not conducive to production, so it is cheaper to buy the inner barrel, Easy to use.
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