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Double liquid dispensing syringe accessories 50ml pneumatic

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In the type of dispensing syringe, there is a kind of double liquid dispensing syringe, which is in fixed proportion, 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. In order to be able to use the double liquid dispensing syringe, a 50ml pneumatic glue gun is produced, which can fix the double liquid dispensing syringe, and there is a push rod in the inner cavity, which can push the internal glue of the double liquid dispensing syringe out according to the fixed proportion.
50ml pneumatic glue gun
  Composition of pneumatic glue gun
  The shell is made of aluminum alloy material + internal plastic material, and the internal push rod can be extruded out due to the pressure of air pressure, so as to promote the flow of glue inside the double liquid dispensing syringe, so as to ensure the stable delivery of glue. The glue error between the two is 0.02mm. The pressure on the two push rods is the same, and the proportion of glue flowing out can be controlled, which is an early control method.
  Model of 50ml pneumatic glue gun
  1. 1:1 mix ratio
  2. 1:2 mix ratio
  3. 1:4 mix ratio
  4. 1:10 mix ratio
  It can be found from these proportions that they are all the models corresponding to the double liquid dispensing syringe, and only these four models are fixed. This device can not be used in bulk. Using the double liquid dispensing syringe instead of the mixing pump can realize the mixing of two-component glue. The production capacity is not large, or the glue requirements can be met. A 50ml pneumatic glue gun device can be used.
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