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201 stainless steel pressure barrel inner barrel

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You may know the inner barrel of the pressure barrel after using the pneumatic spray paint pressure barrel. The advantage of using the inner barrel is that it is easy to clean the rubber water barrel, and the weight of each pressure barrel may be very heavy. Each time you hold the pressure barrel for cleaning, it is time-consuming and laborious, and it is very convenient to use the inner barrel. In addition, some glues can't be cleaned. The price of the inner barrel of the pressure barrel is cheap. You can buy multiple inner barrels for placing , each kind of glue uses different inner barrels, which is convenient to use.
Inner barrel of pressure barrel

  Advantages of pressure barrel

  1. The use of pneumatic paint pressure bucket is generally paint, which is difficult to clean. However, the mixing of two kinds of paint is easy to cause the change of paint properties. If only one inner bucket is used, the glue can be better used
  2. The inner bucket made of stainless steel is smooth and easy to clean.
  3. It is easy to use and directly placed inside the painting pressure bucket without any other steps.
  4. Protect the pneumatic painting pressure barrel, increase the service life of the pressure barrel.
  5. It is advantageous to change the glue, only to change the inner barrel, which brings great convenience to the production.
Pressure drum agitator
  In addition to the pneumatic spray painting pressure barrel, many stainless steel or carbon steel pressure barrels will choose to match a pressure barrel inner barrel, especially the large volume, which is not easy to clean in the application of rubber barrel, often equipped with an inner barrel, which can increase the service life of the pressure barrel for several years, because there is no glue corrosion, the inner barrel is completely preserved, and the service life is very long.
  In fact, clean water, organic solution or alcohol are used to clean the rubber bucket, which are harmful to the carbon steel material, and will corrode after a long time. Using the inner bucket of the pressure bucket can solve this problem. Using 201 material to make stainless steel, the material is light, has good corrosion resistance, has corrosion resistance effect on some solutions, and has the effect of increasing the service life of the pneumatic painting pressure bucket. This is The use of the inner barrel of the pressure barrel.
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