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Manual stainless steel painting pressure bucket

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The painting pressure bucket is made of stainless steel as the main material, with air pressure as the power source, it can realize the glue mixing function, has a wide range of painting, high efficiency, flexible operation, and has an improvement effect on the market. Today, we recommend you a manual stainless steel painting pressure bucket.
Painting pressure bucket
  Manual stainless steel paint pressure barrel is collocation with manual spray gun, spray gun has fan and round two kinds, can realize small range and large range, the maximum range of spraying angle can reach 270 degrees, the minimum range can reach 0 degrees, according to the scope of the paint spraying area, the fan or round can be selected, and the pressure barrel can be installed in the manual paint pressure barrel, so that it can be cleaned conveniently, and the speed of changing the inner barrel is fast. Realize the use of one barrel, protect the pneumatic painting pressure barrel, and increase the service life.
Painting pressure bucket

  Two different mixing methods

  There are two ways of pressure barrel painting, electric and pneumatic. Electric is generally used in glue with high viscosity, which is not easy to mix. Pneumatic is generally used in glue with low viscosity, which is easy to mix, similar to paint and ink. The advantage of pneumatic device for pressure barrel painting is that it needs air pressure, which can save production cost. Pneumatic device drives mixing device, while painting pressure barrel also needs to be used Air pressure value, do not need another power supply, this is the advantage of pneumatic device.

  Functions and advantages of inner barrel of pressure barrel

  The paint is easy to stick to the inner wall of the pressure barrel and hard to clean. The mixture of the two paints will change color. Finally, different paints are used and different storage containers are used. The cost of purchasing a pneumatic paint pressure barrel will undoubtedly increase. It is OK to use the inner barrel of the pressure barrel. The cost of purchasing the inner barrel is low, and it is convenient to replace, and it does not need to clean the rubber barrel. It can be soaked, and it will be cleaned after a period of time Simple, this is the function of the barrel in the pressure barrel.

  The advantages of pneumatic spray painting pressure bucket are low viscosity, easy mixing, saving a lot of power output, easy control and low noise. These are the advantages of pneumatic device. The majority of manufacturers use pneumatic spray painting pressure bucket.
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