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Stainless steel pressure barrel with nylon and aluminum pist

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There are many kinds of stainless steel pressure barrels, including piston type, flat cover and electric stirring, which can be subdivided according to glue and application. Some glues have high viscosity, some are low viscosity, some are two-component, some have fast solidification speed, etc., which are the main factors affecting product selection. For example, the viscosity of stainless steel piston pressure barrel with glue is generally high viscosity, which can reach about 100000 viscosity 。
Characteristics of piston pressure barrel
1. Meet the use requirements of high viscosity glue, use the piston to put the glue to the point glue valve
2. The piston not only has the function of extruding glue, but also has the sealing effect.
3. There are two kinds of pistons, nylon and aluminum, which have good sealing effect.
4. It is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.
5. The thickness of the pressure barrel is in accordance with the requirements of international standards, and the safety is very high.
Installation procedure of piston pressure barrel
   Wrap the thread of all accessories with water tape - according to the sealing ring - cover the flat cover - install the pressure regulating valve - install the feed port - install the muffler - and then screw the bolts.
Besides the internal piston and the external piston, the external piston is commonly used in the market, and an air pump is added on the flat cover to realize the delivery of high viscosity glue. The advantage of using the external piston pressure barrel is that the piston does not need to be cleaned, the internal piston can squeeze out the glue with higher viscosity, or the appropriate stainless steel pressure barrel is selected according to the glue usage, rather than casually or randomly Blind choice.
The piston pressure barrels produced by our company are all made of stainless steel. The hardness of carbon steel does not meet the core needs of the manufacturer. In terms of safety, stainless steel is more stable, high pressure is very high, and stainless steel is more stable. Our products are safety first and sales second. If you need to know about it!
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