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3: 1 ~ 1:1 blue static double liquid dispensing valve

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The double liquid dispensing valve can be divided into two types, static and dynamic. According to the different viscosity of glue, we can choose the dispensing valve with appropriate requirements. It is very helpful for production. Today, I will introduce a blue static double liquid dispensing valve, which can use a variety of glue mixing ratio examples, and it is also one of our classic double liquid dispensing valves.
  The blue static double liquid dispensing valve has a small structure specification, only 136mm in length and 56mm in width. It has a good mixing technology. The mixing of the rubber cylinder of the rubber valve adopts a three-way integration. It can make a preliminary mixing of the glue in advance. Because of its small specification and convenient installation, it can be used directly on the mechanical arm. From the process, we can see that the blue static double liquid dispensing valve of our company is quite featured.
  The double liquid dispensing valve is also known as the two-component dispensing valve, which means that two kinds of glue can be used for glue filling. The two-component glue filling mainly depends on the glue viscosity and mixing ratio. At present, the blue double liquid dispensing valve can only mix the glue within the range of 3:1-1:1, while the dynamic double liquid dispensing valve can mix the glue within the range of 5:1-1:1, while the other needs to use the metering pump or screw The valve can meet the requirements of high viscosity two-component glue filling, and the dispensing valve can not be randomly selected.
  The two-component dispensing valve must be used for the two-component dispensing, but which one to use depends on the actual production situation. In order to avoid poor production effect, it is better to ask the manufacturer to make a proofing video or to determine whether the two-component dispensing requirements can be met by the manufacturer, so as to select the appropriate two-component dispensing valve or dynamic two-component dispensing valve, which can ensure the use effect of the dispensing valve and prevent Stop unnecessary waste.
  Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of glue filling machine and double liquid dispensing valve. If your company has the demand for two-component glue filling, or the product needs to use such technology, you can contact our company and let our company make a reasonable operation plan manually, which is conducive to product production, can also improve production efficiency and improve the efficiency of the factory.
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