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Carbon steel and stainless steel flange pressure barrel

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Flange pressure bucket is made of two materials, stainless steel and carbon steel. Carbon steel is the most commonly used material. The material is cheap and the price is appropriate. As more employees, the carbon steel material is easy to process and more in line with the manufacturing requirements of legal blue bucket. The effect of material use is almost the same, but there will be differences in cost and maintenance. What are the advantages of this glue storage device.
  Different from the general stainless steel pressure barrel, the flat cover of the pressure barrel is not separated from the pressure barrel, and there are six bolt positions on the flat cover, generally four or three, which will be sealed at the barrel mouth instead of the flat cover. The sealing ring is still made of silica gel, and there are six bolts, which can make the pressure barrel have more sealing effect, which is the feature of flange pressure barrel.
法兰压力桶   There are many types of glue storage devices. If they are designed for the glue type, if they can't meet the production demand, there is no need for production. If your company needs any kind of high-pressure product, the flange pressure barrel is the best choice. The installation method is similar to that of the ordinary barrel. The rubber tube is still extended from the middle, and the accessories are still installed on the flat cover of the pressure barrel, which is intuitive and convenient.
法兰压力桶   There are three positions for the placement of the rubber hose: the bottom, the top and the side. According to the difference of the glue height, the low and the middle, it will show different effects. The glue with low viscosity is easy to be extracted. The glue with the top is used to prevent the air from entering and avoid the bubble problem. Different glue storage devices will have different effects. In order to solve the problem of glue storage and transportation, our company has also done a lot of research and development, Only then produces each kind of stainless steel pressure barrel, if your company has the demand, contacts our company, can make the glue pressure barrel which your company needs.
法兰压力桶   Flange pressure bucket is one of the most airtight glue storage devices at present. The delivery is not smooth due to the glue. You can choose to use this stainless steel pressure bucket, which will definitely give you some surprises. Some industries have a high sealing for the glue, otherwise our company will not produce this pressure bucket.
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