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304 stainless steel funnel pressure barrel

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Funnel pressure bucket is a common pressure bucket, which is mainly used in the large flow industry. Generally, the storage capacity of the pressure bucket is not enough. It is necessary to use the funnel principle to add glue into the stainless steel pressure bucket, so as to solve the problem of glue shortage. The advantage of using the pressure bucket with funnel can solve the problem of glue transportation without reopening the pressure bucket again. It is also very convenient to use 。
  The pressure bucket used for epoxy glue filling is provided with a funnel. Every day, the manufacturer will use a large amount of epoxy resin glue for glue filling. However, some machines will be equipped with 10kg pressure bucket, which needs more usage. Only with funnel pressure bucket to achieve glue filling. In the pressure bucket, there will be a liquid level display device to observe the usage of glue. If not, just pour glue directly from the funnel to solve the problem The water content of the glue is different.
  Our company is a pressure barrel manufacturer. At present, there are more than ten types of pressure barrels, such as screw pressure barrels, funnel pressure barrels, carbon steel pressure barrels, etc., which can fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient glue filling or dispensing. There are also some glue with poor liquidity, which need to be equipped with air cylinders. The pressure barrel is the right equipment for dispensing. Each product has different requirements for glue, and the usage of glue is the same. Some industries use dispensing syringes as glue storage devices, and the dispensing quantity is related to the industry. The manufacturer can choose according to the actual production situation.
  The selection of dispensing equipment can solve some dispensing problems, which is a targeted problem. Fundamentally, it can solve the selection of dispensing and funnel pressure barrels. It is also aimed at the large flow of epoxy resin glue and the limitations of dispensing equipment selection. It is unnecessary to use a large screw pressure barrel. The glue water is placed in the original bottle for sealing, which can more ensure the glue activity. The pressure barrel is only temporarily stored and loaded Set, use a proper amount of pressure barrel, or for glue activity, more function is to transport glue.
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