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Tangxia stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturer

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The pressure barrel manufacturer is located at No.1, 6th Street, 128 Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. There is a Dongguan manufacturer specializing in dispensing machine and pressure barrel production. It has the ability to produce a large number of products. It has its own production machine, belonging to a one-stop manufacturer, which can quickly solve the company's dispensing problems. It also has its own enterprise structure engineer, who can draw corresponding machines.
  As a pressure barrel manufacturer, our company has many types of production, including screw pressure barrel, funnel pressure barrel, flange, flat cover, visibility, mixing and so on. The materials are carbon steel and stainless steel, which can be produced. The customized pressure barrel generally only takes three days, and the speed is very fast. It needs a process from confirming purchase, transferring, purchasing materials, arranging production to finished products For three days, the emergency can be arranged on the same day, and can be obtained the next day. The conventional small liter pressure barrel can be sent out on the same day, and the speed is very fast, which is the advantage of the pressure barrel manufacturer.
  Screw pressure bucket is a new type of pressure bucket developed by our company, which can solve the problem of high viscosity glue. At present, many high viscosity glues have no way to solve the product problem. Our company can operate and produce appropriate products according to the above requirements, so as to solve the problem of glue transportation, fundamentally solve the problem of glue. The selection of dispensing equipment is based on the product efficiency Fruit, dispensing equipment choose our products.
  The funnel pressure bucket is prepared for the manufacturer who needs a large amount of glue every day. Each demand is dozens of kilograms of glue. The required pressure bucket is very large, inconvenient and inconvenient. The funnel pressure bucket can be used to add glue when the glue is almost gone, so as to solve the problem of insufficient glue quantity. It doesn't need to often see if there is still glue. The use effect is very good. Each kind of pressure barrel has its own function, which can be selected according to dispensing equipment or glue type.
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