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Moving pressure bucket with roller

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The moving pressure barrel with roller is a non-standard product, which needs to be agreed before being manufactured. The non-standard price is different from the standard price, and the price with roller will be higher than the ordinary price, because the roller needs cost, welding, labor cost, etc., and the price will fluctuate. Every pressure barrel is produced with an order demand. Non-standard parts are generally produced quantitatively, not every manufacturer has a demand.
Pressure barrel process
Determine the order → determine the product parameters → carry out machining → basic structure → carry out welding → grinding → finished product.
Stainless steel is a conventional material for the production of pressure barrels, with high hardness and corrosion resistance, long service life, easy cleaning, convenience, and not easy to damage. The service life of stainless steel pressure barrels produced by our company is about five years, with good protection and longer service life. Why the price is expensive, the main production hours are long, and the welding effect is good. The core of process production technology is to reflect the price The core of the value.
The processing technology of stainless steel pressure barrel is not very complex, and there are not many pressure barrel processes, but the production difficulty is that there are some requirements, each product quality needs to be guaranteed, the thickness and height can not be less, the thickness is large, the cost is high, the thickness is small, there will be potential safety hazards, stainless steel pressure barrel processing has product standard requirements, unless the width or height is customized, otherwise it is all There are international standards.
The same is true for the production of moving pressure barrel with roller. In order to facilitate the movement of pressure barrel, the roller can be installed, and the flow production can be carried out. With the upper hand moving point glue valve, the roller can be dragged to work at will, not limited to one station. The production effect is particularly obvious, and the roller is relatively convenient to move. Although the storage of glue can be dragged, the volume is too large, and it is difficult to lift, With the advantages of roller movement.
There are many types of pressure buckets, but the production process is the same. It's nothing more than adding some accessories or modifying some parameters. Other processes have not changed, but special machines are needed to produce a pressure bucket. It takes two days to produce a pressure bucket as a whole, because the steps take time, usually mass production, so the customization cost will be higher. To avoid this No order problem, our company will also customize according to the needs of manufacturers.
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