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Manufacturing process of pressure barrel

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There are many processes needed to manufacture the pressure barrel. Each process needs to be carried out orderly, including cutting, welding, assembly, painting, polishing and other processes. Why the price of the pressure barrel is expensive, the work time is long, the speed is slow, and the labor cost is expensive. The overall price will be increased with the increase of the number. The price will also be increased according to the production consumption.

  Pressure barrel production process

  Material selection → material cutting → stainless steel rounding → welding → grinding → installation
  The processing of stainless steel pressure barrel is more difficult than that of carbon steel material. The hardness is higher, the cutting speed is longer, the consumption is large, the carbon steel material is relatively soft, and the cutting is easy. In addition, the carbon steel material is cheaper, and the price will be lower. We can walk the pressure barrel of both materials, but the number of liters is customized. We are manufacturing according to the order. Only a small number of pressure barrels do not need to be customized, and 8 rises are all needed Need customization, avoid inventory.
  There are many kinds of non-standard pressure buckets: moving pressure buckets with rollers, rotating pressure buckets, mixing pressure buckets and pressure buckets with funnels, etc. there are also many types of visible, bottom dispensing and side dispensing. According to the viscosity of the glue, you can choose the appropriate dispensing mode. The high viscosity has poor fluidity, and the effect will be higher if you use the lower dispensing. You can also add a piston on the flat cover , lift the glue pressure and push the glue out.
  The glue pouring barrel is also called pressure barrel. Our company is mainly used for glue pouring barrel. The water purification pressure barrel is not used. There are two different industries with different applications. Our company is mainly used for dispensing valve, dispensing machine, glue pressure barrel, glue pouring machine and so on. Our products in the dispensing industry are not used for other products, with single cost and clear and centralized technical core. Our company has many years of experience The manufacturing technology of glue equipment can solve the technical problems of rotating pressure barrel and the glue filling effect of other products.
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