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Dongguan Tangxia stainless steel pressure barrel processing

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There is a factory specialized in dispensing machine and pressure barrel on the Sixth Industrial Street of Tangxia 128. There are various types of pressure barrels to be produced, with non-standard customization technology, which can solve various viscosity glue flow problems. There are some high viscosity glue with poor liquidity, so non-standard glue barrels need to be used, which is the role of our stainless steel pressure barrel processing factory.
Stainless steel pressure barrel processing
Process of pressure barrel: determine the specification of pressure barrel → material cutting → bottom welding → internal grinding → assembly.
Type of pressure barrel
There are a lot of types to do, such as moving pressure bucket with roller, rotating pressure bucket, glue filling bucket, mixing pressure bucket, flat cover pressure bucket, visible pressure bucket, non-standard pressure bucket, flange pressure bucket, etc. according to the current industry glue type, reasonable dispensing accessories are manufactured according to the demand, with top, side and bottom dispensing, which can solve various dispensing problems, so stainless steel pressure Dispensing equipment can be selected for barrel processing. Our orders for filling barrels are customized according to the type of glue, rather than upgrading production, especially non-standard products.
The rotating pressure bucket is a new type of glue filling bucket developed by our company. Its features: the rotation and mixing of glue can speed up the mixing effect of glue, fundamentally solve the problem of uneven mixing or glue precipitation, avoid the change of glue property, fundamentally solve the problem of glue transportation, and solve the problem of many kinds of glue. This is the advantage of the new rotating pressure bucket.
Stainless steel pressure barrel processing chooses manufacturers to avoid middlemen earning price difference. At present, the product price is basically transparent. If you have this demand, you can contact our salesman to get in touch with you, understand your company's demand, and then recommend a reasonable glue filling barrel to fundamentally solve the glue delivery problem. The pressure barrel process takes some time, and each processing takes two to three days.
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