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Level display pressure barrel of material shortage alarm dev

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There are many types of pressure buckets. Today, I will introduce a liquid level display pressure bucket to you. In order to intuitively see the usage of glue and the surplus of glue, we can use the liquid level display device, and also add a sensor device to alarm the lack of material, so as to facilitate the storage of glue. The function of the liquid level display pressure bucket is very strong. We can see the position of glue directly, so as to avoid the uneven product quality caused by the lack of glue water 。
  The liquid level is displayed by making a transparent tube on the side of the pressure barrel. The glue poured will flow to the tube. How much is used can also be seen directly. The second type uses a liquid sensor device. When the glue drops to the designated position, it will automatically send out a material shortage alarm signal. The effect of using the liquid level to display the pressure barrel is very obvious, to solve the problem of insufficient glue water, do not know the adding time, to avoid the shortage of glue, resulting in the shutdown of the production line. There is also a large amount of glue used. Can you use a large liter pressure bucket? The glue will be solidified in two or three hours. With the liquid level device, you can see the remaining amount of glue. If you finish, add it again to avoid the problem of glue solidification.
  Our company has production capacity of liquid level display pressure barrel, various specifications, can be customized. At present, we can have two types of liquid level display. Your company has this demand, you can contact us directly! It can solve the problem of dispensing for you. It shows that the function of pressure barrel is very obvious. It can solve some glue filling problems. If you don't need plane pressure barrel, you can also find our company to make pressure barrel specially.
  Stainless steel pressure barrel is one of the main types of our company. The product quality is guaranteed, and all are made of 304 stainless steel. The quality of liquid level display pressure barrel is guaranteed! If you do have this demand, please contact our factory directly, and we will be able to make suitable pressure barrel for you, and we will not let you down.
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