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Mixing pressure bucket made of carbon steel

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There are two kinds of materials for manufacturing the mixing pressure bucket, stainless steel and carbon steel. These two materials are the core materials for manufacturing the pressure bucket. Carbon steel is cheap and stainless steel has a long service life. Talk about the mixing pressure bucket made of carbon steel, see what its advantages are, and how to fundamentally solve the problem of dispensing.
  The advantages of carbon steel mixing pressure bucket are low price. The price of one liter stainless steel pressure bucket is 280 yuan, and the price of one liter carbon steel pressure bucket is 200 yuan. The larger the number of liters, the lower the price difference. Carbon steel material is carbon content in 0.25% ~ 0.55%. There are many other elements. The manufacturing method is simple, and the hardness is not as good as stainless steel, the processing cost is relatively low, and the price of carbon steel pressure bucket is relatively low, but The application effect is relatively good. It can be used for one or two years, and the corrosion of glue is too high, which will gradually affect the pressure barrel.


  Characteristics of carbon steel mixing pressure barre

  1. Low price, about three fifths of the price of stainless steel pressure barrel, can buy carbon steel pressure barrel.
  2. The glue can be stirred to avoid precipitation and improve its activity.
  3. It has high temperature resistance, water resistance, strong solder joint, no air leakage, glue leakage and corrosion resistance.
  4. Specifications can be customized, and the price depends on the number of liters
  5. As a manufacturer, we are sure of the quality of products, and there are manufacturers in the market, so we can buy with confidence.
  6. There are many types, including 40W, 60W, 90W, 120W and 180W.
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