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Stainless steel cylinder pressure barrel

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  What type of pressure barrel has a good quality, and it can't be separated from the pressure barrel made of stainless steel. The price is high and the service life is long. The two are relative. Because of the high hardness of the material, the long processing time and the large loss of the machine, the price is relatively higher. The principle of a penny and a penny has never changed. It is recommended that a high-quality stainless steel pressure barrel be called cylinder pressure barrel.

  working principle:

  The air cylinder pressure barrel is driven by air pressure to transfer the glue from the inside of the barrel to the dispensing valve. The air pressure determines the delivery speed and quantity of the glue. Generally, the operation is targeted. The glue viscosity is high. The low pressure device can be used to fundamentally solve the dispensing problem. Our company can quickly solve the dispensing factors and control the flow according to the air pressure. The effect is also Very obvious.
  There are many types of stainless steel pressure buckets, so you may need the help of the manufacturer to select the right one. Unless you have a lot of knowledge about stainless steel pressure buckets, there are cylinder pressure buckets, mixing pressure buckets, bottom rubber discharge pressure buckets, 2600ml pressure buckets, etc. there are still many types, and support customization. Your company gives the requirements for pressure buckets, and we can customize them according to the requirements More suitable for the manufacturer's production needs, but it takes three days to customize the pressure barrel!
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