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Stainless steel spray gun pressure barrel

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Introduction: stainless steel spray gun pressure bucket combination: manual spray gun and stainless steel pressure bucket, use stainless steel pressure bucket to store paint, and then rush air pressure into the bucket, squeeze the paint in the manual spray gun, hand pressing piece can spray paint. There are three modes that can be switched, including wide, medium and small, which are very effective for painting. In construction, automobile, industry, etc., spray gun pressure bucket device can be used.
  In fact, machine painting is not suitable for many industries. Generally, manual painting is used. Machine painting has a high demand for machine crystal. Our company has taken over the circuit board and sprayed three proofing paint. The painting accuracy needs to be 1mm, and it can not affect other components. We need to use more high-end painting equipment to meet the demand. Similar to manual spray gun pressure barrel, it can not meet the demand. Similar to buildings Or four s shop car spray paint, are using manual spray paint, some large car production plants, will use automatic spray paint.

  Spray process of spray gun pressure barrel

  Spray gun pressure bucket is very simple, but there are two product combinations, manual spray gun and stainless steel pressure bucket. Use methods: pour the paint into the pressure bucket, cover the cover, connect the rubber tube and air pipe, adjust the air pressure to the maximum, squeeze the paint into the manual spray gun, and then press the hand piece switch to spray manually.
  For spray gun pressure barrel spraying process, if you have this demand, can you ask us to understand it? Because there are all kinds of painting methods, there is always one suitable for your company, hee hee. Welcome to 13662812001 (wechat same number)
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