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Stainless steel pressure drum with pneumatic stirring

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The stirring pressure barrel is divided into electric and pneumatic. Today, we will introduce pneumatic stirring pressure bucket. At present, there are five, twenty-five and fifty gallon pneumatic motor options. You can choose the appropriate gallon according to the viscosity of glue or the manufacturer's demand. The liter of stainless steel pressure barrel is the same. Each can be customized. If the manufacturer has not used it, we can recommend it! Customized non-standard barrel according to manufacturer's requirements, with corresponding technology.
  Accessories: 8mm material hole * 1, 2 minutes 6mm gas connection * 1, am2000 pressure regulating valve * 1, 5kg safety valve * 1, muffler * 2, ball valve * 1
  Glue out method: there are bottom, top and side glue, which way to use according to the fluidity of glue. If the viscosity is thin, you can choose top glue.
  Usage: you can use the inner barrel or directly place the glue packing barrel inside the pressure barrel, connect the air pressure, and then connect the material pipe to the glue point valve, which is very simple.
  Details of pneumatic mixing pressure drum
  Product features
  1. 304 stainless steel materials, as well as 316, 212 materials, food grade and ordinary grade.
  2. The product can be used at hand with all the accessories.
  3. With good anti-corrosion characteristics, long service life, easy to clean, stainless steel features, all have.
  4. There are a variety of pneumatic mixing devices, suitable for all types.
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