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Stainless steel air tank

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There are many machines using air pressure in the factory. It is better to install an air storage tank. Because the air compressor does not continuously provide the air pressure value, but fills the air once, it needs to wait until the air is used up. The air pressure value may cause instability in the middle neutral position. If the air pressure is added into the air storage tank, the air pressure value can be stored. If the air pressure is transferred to the air storage tank, it will be again Work, wait for the air pressure is gone, and there is air pressure inside the air tank, the machine can continue to work.
  The function of the gas tank is very obvious. As the second gas storage tank, it can effectively prevent the glue dispensing problem caused by insufficient air pressure. According to the core requirements of production, our company also manufactured the air tank, which is made of stainless steel. There are special air holes on the air tank, which can meet the demand of the whole plant for air pressure. It also has good compression resistance and has the advantage of filtering air pressure Water vapor.
  Characteristics of air tank
  1. Raise air pressure stability
  There is a secondary air pressure device, which can provide stable air pressure. The air pressure is all in the air storage tank, and the air compressor can work to solve the problem of insufficient air pressure supply in the front section of the air compressor.
  2. Barometric stability
  As a result of the air storage tank as a buffer belt, can directly solve the problem of frequent start-up of the air compressor, the air pressure of the air compressor will be transported to the air storage tank first, and then to the machine, so that the air pressure can be stabilized all the time.
  3. Improve the air pressure quality.
  The general machine can not have water vapor, and the air pressure provided by the air compressor is not very clean. Using the air tank can also precipitate some substances, improve the air pressure quality, and avoid damage to the dispensing accessories.
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