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Dongguan Fenggang 304 stainless steel pressure barrel factor

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There are many pressure barrel factories in Dongguan. We recommend a professional stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturer to you. It is located in Fenggang, Dongguan. We have many years' experience in manufacturing pressure barrel. We can manufacture various types of pressure barrel and customize non-standard barrel. The price is reasonable. If you have any demand, you can contact us!

  Our pressure barrel type

  Materials: 304, 201, 316 materials, according to the demand of materials to make pressure barrels, the conventional use of 304 materials.
  There are many types, such as flat cover pressure bucket, cylinder type pressure drum, agitating pressure drum, flange type, lift cover type, perspective type and funnel type. There are many types that can be selected by manufacturers. Cylinder type is required for atmospheric pressure, and stirring type is selected for glue precipitation. For each glue, the corresponding pressure barrel will be matched.
  Dongguan pressure barrel manufacturers have strength, there must be our Chinese manufacturers, from 1 to 100 liters can be produced, all in accordance with national standards, a pressure barrel service life is very long, the real 304 material, no adulteration, quality and other products look different, our company dare to sell expensive, because of the good quality, buy other manufacturers two stainless steel pressure barrels, only use our company The service life of a pressure barrel is also exported, which can be seen in Southeast Asia.
  The most difficult thing for export products lies in after-sales. If the products are not manufactured according to the standards, they need after-sales service every time or their service life is not long enough, which leads to after-sales problems. The cost of pressure barrel will be lost in one after-sales service. Only if the quality is excellent and there is no need for after-sales service, can we really make money. Pressure barrel factory chooses Chinese made automation manufacturers in Dongguan. We welcome your consultation.
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