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Coating pressure barrel in Yuhang City, Zhejiang Province

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Coating refers to gluing and storage. Pressure barrel is generally used to store glue and then transport glue. It is called gluing pressure barrel. According to the current core requirements, most of them will use glue filling and dispensing. The storage of pure water is different from this one. There are 304 stainless steel and carbon steel in coating pressure barrel, which can be manufactured according to the manufacturer's requirements!
  Painting pressure barrel can be selected. The number of liters is from 1 to 100 liters and from 1 to 10 liters. There is one kind of 5 liters from 10 to 30. The pressure barrel is not just good. Some space should be reserved to avoid glue overflow or insufficient air pressure. When using 10 liter glue, 15 liter pressure barrel should be selected to avoid the above problems.
  The difference between carbon steel pressure drum and stainless steel pressure drum lies in the material. Carbon steel is made of iron and has poor corrosion resistance. The service life of carbon steel is certainly not as strong as that of stainless steel. Moreover, the material strength is lower than that of stainless steel. The service life of carbon steel is certainly not as strong as that of stainless steel pressure drum. Of course, the cost of carbon steel is much higher because of its simple processing and short time consumption, Tool wear is small, produced three carbon steel, there is no stainless steel pressure barrel damage tool, the price must be more expensive than carbon steel.
  In fact, the selection method of carbon steel or stainless steel coating pressure bucket is very simple. Stainless steel is selected for 10 ~ 60, and stainless steel can be selected for less than 10 liters. Two carbon steel pressure barrels are equivalent to the price of a stainless steel. Although the service life of stainless steel is not as long as that of stainless steel, the combined effect of the three is better. However, the unique advantage of stainless steel is that the interior is smooth and easy to clean Condition selection, cost performance is basically the same.
  Have a certain understanding of the coating pressure barrel, our company also opened a branch in Zhejiang, mainly for sale and after-sales, the production is mainly in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, because of the large number of processing plants, low wages, so it is necessary to open a factory in Dongguan, Zhejiang Yuhang branch, it is not based on production, if you want to know, you can come here!
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