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Automatic heating pressure barrel for carbon steel

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Hot melt adhesive dispensing work is a very important process, because of the hot melts by high temperature will become liquid state of the melt, so it was in this glue dispensing work, must be heated to flow transport, so we must use the pressure barrel has the heating function. However, the general pressure barrel heating capacity is not very high, then it is necessary to have a high explosive resistance, high temperature resistance material to make pressure barrels.
Of course, the choice of this material, must use metal manufacturing only, plastic products of high temperature resistance ability has always been poor. General metal pressure drum can be divided into two kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel. Because of its durability and plasticity, stainless steel is the most widely used material in pressure drums. However, this metal is far superior to carbon steel in its high temperature resistance. To sum up, in hot melt glue dispensing, we naturally choose to use carbon steel for dispensing. So, in addition to the use of hot melt glue can be used for dispensing, what is the best performance?
Because the pressure tank to be precise dispensing, so its sealing must be very good, it uses compressed air to drive power, safety is also relatively good. The pressure bucket can also control the long time dispensing task, and there is no heating phenomenon, and the heat dissipation is stronger.
Of course, in addition to using hot melt adhesive, it can also use other glue for precise dispensing. Therefore, it is suitable for the industry will be more extensive, for example: in the medical industry, the lighting industry most of the dispensing work can be competent.


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