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Pressure bucket for glue dispenser

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At present many dispensing machine are used to the pressure barrel, in order to improve dispensing endurance, if single use dispenser itself for glue bucket, only for a moment dispensing, you need to add the glue, it is not conducive to the production mode of continuous automation of enterprise, using the dispensing pressure barrel can effectively solve such the problem of rubber barrel can store a large amount of glue, meet the requirements of enterprise sustainable dispensing.
Now there are many different types of dispensing pressure barrels on the market, various types of pressure barrel is also in order to meet the time of dispensing glue and different concentrations, different concentrations of glue glue barrel is used for some different, low concentration of glue can be used without glue barrel processing, high concentration of glue, can is the need to use the electric stirring barrel pressure.
Dispensing machine pressure barrel with clamp type pressure tank as an example, the plastic barrel with high-speed transmission function, strong versatility, large opening, can install other accessories, plastic barrels belong to relatively good, suitable low to high viscosity glue, coupled with large capacity, can make the dispensing machine continuously dispensing.
Dispensing machine pressure barrels are using stainless steel as the main material, can prevent glue corrosion, increase the pressure barrel life, the sealing performance of rubber barrel, but also through professional team made dispensing products designed are conducive to dispensing, and there are all kinds of manufacturing plastic barrels of different capacity, in order to meet the needs of the industry application of dispensing machine, can satisfy the daily dispensing task can, do not need to re attached too much plastic barrel can meet the requirements of sealing and anti-corrosion, how much storage glue, basic conditions can meet the industry needs, dispensing dispensing pressure buckets.
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