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Pneumatic pressure bucket

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In addition to the quality of the glue dispensing equipment, and dispensing machine accessories are also part of contact pressure is stored in barrels dispensing glue and glue supply application dispensing accessories, pressure barrels of different specifications can store different amounts of glue used for dispensing, and pneumatic pressure barrel makes further enhance the dispensing quality, so pneumatic pressure barrels have what characteristics?
The pneumatic pressure barrel is composed of a plurality of working parts, safety valve, muffler, pressure regulating valve, ball valve, sealing ring, tooth gas supply joint, joint fluid supply, if the high viscosity glue will flow out from the bottom glue, glue and low viscosity by the flow at the top of rubber, high precision sensor flow effect the glue has been improved. The internal pneumatic motor can make the glue evenly and efficiently agitate, so that the glue can achieve the best bonding strength and coating effect. It is a highly practical glue storage device.
Fireproof anti explosion performance pneumatic pressure barrel, by air as the power source to ensure the safe execution of dispensing work, maintain the use without long time heating power, uniform and accurate mixing let the glue more uniform no precipitation, so that the quality of work to further improve dispensing.
A variety of non-standard customized pneumatic pressure tanks for users to choose still exist on the market, non-standard pressure barrel customization has better pertinence, practical work can play the best effect of dispensing no trace, welding the appearance and the service life of the pressure barrel have been fully upgraded, stable working cylinder will strengthen the efforts for the plastic gas dynamic pressure barrel, make the dispensing work more uniform and stable.
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