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Pneumatic spray paint pressure bucket

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The effect of pressure barrel is more extensive, some applications are stored in the high viscosity glue, some application of low viscosity glue storage, spray pressure barrel belongs to low viscosity applications, because the concentration of low viscosity glue with paint almost, so will be able to use this kind of glue and spray pressure barrel are generally used for coating products the dispensing function can't be used, normal, this is closely related to the performance of the use of pressure barrel.
Pneumatic spray pressure barrel is made of stainless steel, is also equipped with pneumatic motor, pneumatic control device, valve, outlet and so on, which is composed of pneumatic pressure barrel important part, as long as you install a controller that can make the pressure barrel automatic operation, the initiative for conveying glue dispensing machine very convenient, dispensing, coating industry.
This type of pressure barrel has several different sizes, including 10L, 20L, 40L, 60L, 80L etc., is divided into manual and automatic, can be used for the choice of the enterprise, the use of pneumatic spray pressure barrel is 100% explosion-proof pressure, strengthen the pressure will not let fly out of the barrel cover problem but the need to use the system automation equipment, if the pressure barrel other manufacturing industries can not guarantee the.
The use of pneumatic spray pressure barrel can be used industry also many, for example: hardware industry can use the pressure barrel, the hardware industry can be subdivided into many industries, can be used in the industry is very much, demonstrates the performance of the pneumatic pressure barrel is quite satisfactory, choose the suitable pressure barrel for Industry applications very, or according to the industry demand for the pneumatic pressure spray bucket modification or customize the most suitable industry products, it can be done.
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