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Fully automatic pressure bucket

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With the continuous improvement of dispensing technology, related accessories value has also been improved accordingly, automatic pressure barrel to improve the stability of glue dispensing supplies, make the work more efficient execution of dispensing smoothly, automatic pressure barrel has the advantages of high strength and high quality and long service life etc..
Automatic pressure barrel made of 304 stainless steel, stainless steel automatic pressure barrel surface smooth and clean, can be used in long time work in high demand dispensing without rusting fracture, thermal expansion performance and good insulation performance, storage of glue evenly without separation, is a kind of high performance glue storage container, automatic pressure barrel build the one formed, has strong corrosion erosion, polished to higher strength, better sealing, transmission does not occur when the problems such as glue dispensing promotion, dispensing fluency.
Automatic pressure barrel is transported through the pressure adjusting glue, the operator through the adjustment of the top cover of the pressure regulating valve can accurately control of glue, such as glue, air supply can be accurately controlled, automatic pressure barrel automatic mixing function to store glue in a more uniform process, higher bonding strength transport links more smoothly.
Accessories make automatic pressure barrel effect has been further improved, automatic pressure barrel is equipped with a pressure regulating valve, safety valve, discharge port, exhaust valve, fixed ring screw, installation link accessories such need in strict accordance with the implementation of the index, the lid cover and tighten the screw rings, installation steps automatic pressure barrels are as follows, first install the safety valve, and then install the pressure regulating valve and exhaust valve, then install the glue outlet.
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