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Adhesive pressure tank

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The pressure bucket is also called the storage barrel, the glue pressure barrel and so on. The main function is to the storage container of glue in the dispensing process. Through the glue or fluid pressure into the barrel, using pressure (connected to a pressure regulating valve, so as to control the pressure size, and ensure the stable air pressure), and then launched the pressure barrel through the needle extrusion to the specified location. This in fact, the whole process is very simple, the dispensing process in this process in fact is very important, can not be replaced.
In recent years, with the glue is applied in the electronics industry and other popular electronic products, as an intermediate adhesive, glue plays a very important role, at present on the market of the kinds of glue glue has been very much, the more common types are: instant glue glue (common -1203 cyanoacrylate - cyano ethyl acrylate is a kind of powerful instant adhesive) epoxy resin adhesive and UV adhesive (UV curing), hot melt adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, latex, rubber, silicone and many other anaerobic. The use of glue must be used in dispensing equipment. Only the dispensing equipment can finish the dispensing operation more efficiently and high quality. Because each glue has different viscosity, so it is different when dispensing pressure bins for dispensing equipment.
In recent years, the production technology of pressure barrels has been continuously improved. The types of pressure barrels are also increased rapidly from traditional single plastic pressure barrels. For example, stainless steel pressure barrels and carbon steel pressure pails are two new pressure barrels with huge gaps between material and plastic pressure barrels.
At present, more and more dispensing equipment manufacturers choose stainless steel pressure cylinders and carbon steel pressure pails as two pressure pails as glue containers for dispensing equipment parts pressure pails.
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