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  • Stainless steel spray gun pressure barrel

    field.writer/ :2020-06-13 Clicks:150

    Introduction: stainless steel spray gun pressure bucket combination: manual spray gun and stainless steel pressure bucket, use stainless steel pressure bucket to store paint, and then rush air pressure into the bucket, squeeze the paint in the manual spra...

  • SS316 food grade stainless steel pressure barrel

    field.writer/ :2020-06-10 Clicks:173

    Pressure barrels are generally classified by materials: stainless steel materials are 201, 304, 316, etc., and there are also grades, s, SS, SSS. Today, we talk about food grade stainless steel pressure barrels. In fact, this kind of pressure barrels are ...

  • Stainless steel cylinder pressure barrel

    field.writer/ :2020-06-09 Clicks:167

    What type of pressure barrel has a good quality, and it cant be separated from the pressure barrel made of stainless steel. The price is high and the service life is long. The two are relative. Because of the high hardness of the material, the long proces...

  • Mixing pressure bucket made of carbon steel

    field.writer/ :2020-06-02 Clicks:261

    There are two kinds of materials for manufacturing the mixing pressure bucket, stainless steel and carbon steel. These two materials are the core materials for manufacturing the pressure bucket. Carbon steel is cheap and stainless steel has a long service...

  • 300ml socket

    field.writer/ :2020-05-26 Clicks:226

    The function of toothpaste sleeve is to specially use branch glue. For example, 300ml branch silica gel is often stored by using toothpaste sleeve. There are also some other types of toothpastes of the same type as 100ml and 170ml. Because there are sever...

  • Alcohol pressure barrel

    field.writer/ :2020-05-25 Clicks:173

    Stainless steel pressure barrel has a wide range of applications, not limited to glue storage, but also can store alcohol, paint, etc. some liquids with natural fluidity are widely used. However, it is necessary to see which type of materials are used to ...

  • Level display pressure barrel of material shortage alarm dev

    field.writer/ :2020-05-19 Clicks:122

    There are many types of pressure buckets. Today, I will introduce a liquid level display pressure bucket to you. In order to intuitively see the usage of glue and the surplus of glue, we can use the liquid level display device, and also add a sensor devic...

  • Stainless steel rotating pressure barrel wholesale

    field.writer/ :2020-05-16 Clicks:116

    Rotary pressure bucket is a non-standard pressure bucket that our company has only recently involved. The material is stainless steel and carbon steel. The manufacturer can choose the suitable rotary pressure bucket according to the demand, price, constru...

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